Well if a bump bump bump
Watcha want want want
You must B-2-crazy I'm like uh uh uh
:: I told you:: watchu could do is meet me down at the school
Only layin down imma be doin is the rules
Please don't call me after 9 o'clock
And don't meet me there if you tryin to plot
I kno I'm a ghetto queen I kno I need to be in magazines that's why Word Up is naggin me
I look oh so cute in the photo shoot plain and simple I'm the truth
You can catch me down at Branch Brook rink with my friends
Dubie lookin tight 'cause Martha jus clipped my ends
Jboog spoke I spoke back then smiled
You could do sumthin toghether or you can be my penpal
'cause miss nana got her mind right keep bad boys outta her sight
Daddy I'm bout to get signed riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight
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Bump Bump Bump Lyrics

Miss Nana – Bump Bump Bump Lyrics