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Your Stupid Dreams Lyrics

Mishka Shubaly – Your Stupid Dreams Lyrics

Well there you lay in your diaper
Just as cute as could be
Propped up on your elbows and smiling at me
I drove in for your birthday
Your mother drove me away
But that woman taught you to crawl
And that'll come in handy some day

Hey kid, hang on to your dreams
Your stupid, hopeless dreams
You'll grow meeker and colder
As you get weaker and older
Making the same money you did when you were seventeen
No, it's never too early to throw in the towel
But it's always too late to die with dignity
So give up, give in surrender without a fight
This is your last chance to snatch failure
From the jaws of defeat

Wild horses on the jukebox
Or whatever the hell it was
But we were young, we were in love
We were drunk and on drugs
Your mom can say what she likes
About how I wasted my time
But I had so much fuckin' fun
Burning out at twenty nine

Twelve years of public school
Fifteen minutes of fame
Eight hours, five days a week
For a parking spot with your name
Compare the man you wanted to be
To the man you became
And realize 'man, those two guys...
Only their shoe size is the same'

I'll never have any children
I never had a career
I have no fucking regrets
I guess I'll have another beer
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