And now it all comes out
I’ve faked a smile for far too long
Say you’ve been living hard
But don’t earn what you fucking own

I’m losing touch
I’m giving up now

You took your cup and you filled it with more than it could hold
Now it’s overflowed; it’s spilling onto every soul
But all your failures, they’re always out of your control
Cursing everyone you know and asking them for more

Six years and counting (as it stands)
You can’t catch a break
You broadcast your pain to the world
But it just don’t change a thing

Don’t know how we wound up here
I only hope it’s not too late
To see you dig your own grave

You said that no one understands
Gonna run away
Get as far as you fucking can
Then you fell to your knees,
Looked to the sky and said,

“Dear God, where have you gone,
And everyone I never really knew?
I’m losing touch
I’m giving up on you.”

Our flame is burning out
It’s fading fast, and I don’t know if we will last
I’m losing touch
I’m giving up
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Burn Out Lyrics

Misfortunate Sons – Burn Out Lyrics