Seems I just can't break
Into the music industry,
With my happy childhood
And perfect family.
They don't want a clean-cut
Kid like me, oh no siree!
I have to be abused, misused and fondled sexually.
Cause, they want Marilyn Manson
They want that guy from the Cure
Suffering from manic depression,
And raping a bunch o' minors.
So I got a brand new idea,
A way I could become popular.
I'll start my own punk rock band,
And I think I'll call it MISDEMEANOR!
It'll send the kiddos a' runnin'
To buy our new record.
We'll sing about killing policemen
And on the cover we'll be flippin' the bird.
Cause, they want heroin addicts
They want coke-sniffin' fiends
But with my new band name,
I think that now they'll want me!
So I gotta go build my ego,
I think I'll start a fight in a bar.
I'll even try to slit my wrists,
But first I'll learn to play the guitar.
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How To Become A Rock Star Lyrics

Misdemeanor – How To Become A Rock Star Lyrics