Wake up early wipe the sleep from my eyes,
Glance across the room it's 8: 45,
Can't forget to hang the washing out to dry,
Pick out my clothes so I can hit 'em with my style,
Wash up my face and brighten up my smile,
Fix up my hair add some sheen so I can shine,
Look at my watch it's saying 10: 45,
Grab me some breakfast,
Time to jump in my ride

My family is calling,
I've been on the move since morning,
Trying to fit it all in,
Wish I could add me some more hours to the day

Check my Mum and make sure she's ok,
All in one day,
Cook and clean 'cause nothing seems to change,
It's every day,
Get my nails done,
Take a trip to Spain,
Back the same day,
Text my friends to drink some chilled Rose

On the move we keep it going no time to lose,
And we're just trying to keep the day running smooth,
Who says that we can't have our cake and eat it too

Been to the gym and now I'm feeling energised,
I had to exercise to tone up my thighs,
But I got to pay my bills they're on the redline,
Gotta rush myself to the meter now before I get a fine

Went to my Mum and now she's cooking the dinner,
I got to wait for the chicken to simmer,
Rice and peas with some sweet plataine,
Go grab your coat,
Let's go shopping in Spain

As we listen to the man sing Andala,
We roll down the street straight to the bay,
Buy what we can buy and head back to the plane,
Coz we've got only one day to


All my girls shout,
Let me see my sisters who go all out,
Freshly dipped caramel tans with the back out,
When we do it right you know it's gonna last all night,
When we get together know it's gonna be high,
And we don't need no fellas to spoil our vibe,
And we gon' keep it rocking till the morning light,
And we gon' keep it popping till the.!
Damn! I forgot to call my man

Baby I'm sorry I'm late,
Gonna make it up to you,
When you get home you just wait let me make it up to you

Bubble bath runs down my body end of the day,
Candle light upon my window pane,
Sounds like rain,
No telephone,
Turn off the lights,
Let's get it on,
There's no-one here but you and I,
Goodnight my love - goodnight
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All In One Day Lyrics

Mis-teeq – All In One Day Lyrics

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