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PAM Lyrics

Mir Fontane – PAM Lyrics

[Martin Intro]

[Verse 1: Mir Fontane]
I know I joke a lot but girl I'm so serious
And promise to stay calm baby once you hear this
But tonight, I been drinking and that shit it got me thinking
Bout the life that I been leading, all these secrets I been keeping
And though I never had a reason
Gina I been cheating
But before you start snapping let me just tell you what happened
Remember when me and Tommy picked up office supplies?
Well I lied, we both know Tommy he ain't got no job
I really went to see Pam
You know beedy beed, buck shots
Took me to her spot and things started getting hot
Between the jokes that we was bussing
We said ain't no need in fronting
Conversation led to fucking
Ain't gon lie girl I loved it
We talk but never discuss it
Swear them jeans don't do her justice
Making love in her apartment but hate each other in public
Yeah I know that I'm your man
And it's hard to understand
But I fell in love with yo bestfriend

I think I'm in love with your best friend
I don't know how it happened, don't understand
Damn, Damn, Damn I think I love Pam

[Verse 2: Mir Fontane]
I know it's hard to believe
But I swear that girl it's true
We kept this secret under wraps just out of respect for you
And Gina, I love you too, that's why I made you my wife
But as we laying here together I'm living a separate life
And it's wrong, this sorry secret I been keeping so long
She sending pictures to my phone and posing with nothing on
I'm tempted to cop a feel
Tempted to get a taste
She even got my name tattooed on the line of her waist
Why you think she stayed single?
We know Pam can get a man
You thought it was bad luck
I was tearing that ass up
I'm talking deep up in them guts
Making love in a rush
Its just a quickie getting busy enough is never enough
She popped E before the D, ya girl is into them drugs man
The dick had her walking with a limp like BruhMan
We cracked a couple jokes between the kisses and hugs man
You should have seen my face when she said she in love man

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