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Outro Lyrics

Mir Fontane – Outro Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Uh, my last night in the ghetto
I remember faint screams as a hand gripped the metal
I mumbled, fuck you with a smirk and a chuckle
Them street lights just ain't as bright as the flash from the muzzle
BANG! Hollow tips and perky tits
Cold cases and warm pussy the perfect mix
She said she loved me 'fore she pulled the trigger
Her hands shook, her body trembled, her legs quivered
She said we, been together six whole years and I love you
But i don't think that you can fix this here and I'm sorry
I said I'm sorry I can't give you kids but I swear to God on the bible
I'd give my left rib to see you happy
And all you do is treat me badly
Just be glad I left the other clip in the taxi
See while I was fuckin' Jerome
I pictured you comin' home and seeing us
But then again, I didn't give a fuck
Cuz you ain't give a fuck enought to stop when you was fuckin' my best friend
Yeah Pam, I'm bringin' that up again
Sleeping with my BFF wasn't part of the plan
You're true colors all in the wind when the shit hits the fan
I mean

Damn I was six and a half months from having yo' baby
Now I'm on a late night, Glock in my hand, ready kill my baby
Ironic, that you don't belong to me
Ironic, you don't belong to me
Isn't that ironic, you don't belong to me
Ooo ironic, you don't belong to me
Plus that bitch gave us HIV please rest in peace
You so crazy, please don't call me crazy
You so crazy, please don't say I'm deranged
You so crazy, cuz at one point I was yo' baby
You go boy, things ain't never gon' be the same
I love you, girl you know I-I-I, I love you
Girl you know I-I-I, love you, I love you
Girl you know I-I-I *gunshot*
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