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Martin's House Party Lyrics

Mir Fontane – Martin's House Party Lyrics


[Verse 1]
I say Jerome’s in the house
Better watch yo’ mouth
You done lost yo mind, get ya’ feet off my couch
You can do them hoes dirty but respect my house
Couple bad bitches came through for the party tonight
Walk around with they titties all out
Told Gina I was stayin’ in the crib tonight
She would kill me if she ever found out, if she ever found out
Shawty she bussin’ it open and she got no panties on
She droppin’ it low, got the whole video on my camera phone
She fuck wit’ a nigga, said she wanna chill in private
I told her fall back ‘cuz my girl be wildin’
If she find out then we might have problems, but
It’s a party on the fifth floor
Bruh man got the liquor and the indo
Hood bitches and they tryna have a strip show
Bruh man got ‘em climbin’ through the window
And I’m just posted up with my squad nigga
Baddest hoes tryna mob with us
Tommy think he puttin’ in work but aaah
You ain’t got no job nigga (Nigga you ain’t got no job)
Cancel that bitch like Nino, swimmin’ in pussy like Nemo
Pam steady twerkin’ on me though
Dick so hard feel the shit through my Chinos
See my bedroom to the left, just slide ya panties to the right
Bruh man hit the damn lights, put the liquor on ice
Getting’ wild for the night, hol’ up hol’ up

Girl take a sip of this, lay back just pass me the reefer
‘Cuz u ain’t my bitch but we might to make a full length feature
And we can turn up all night just don’t tell Gina
Shawty you already know what it is, hol’ up
Wassup, wassup wassup wassup (House party! Ay, hou)
Wassup, wassup wassup wassup (House party! Ay, hou)
(What what? House Party!)
Wassup wassup wassup
Shawty you already know what it is, hol’ up

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