[Verse 1]
Couldn't sleep so I crushed up sleeping pills
Stirred into a shot of whiskey
I hit the bottle like a brick
Shattered it on my anxiety
Counted sheep 'til they started counting me
Tried to read but the words gave me nothing

Now I'm faded, useless, unless you come home
You come home
Every nightmare comes true when I'm alone
Come home

[Verse 2]
So tired, sleep becomes a lost art
I find all I'm scared of
So tired, I never want anyone
I think about you like you never left


Oh yeah
Let me forget your name
Let me forget your, let me forget your name
Oh yeah
When will you evaporate?
When will you evaporate?
The ocean's rising

[Verse 3]
Woke up, I've been sleeping
The pain I feel I'm keeping
What about the boat? It's sinking
I can't find a crack that's leaking

[Chorus x2]

[Bridge x3]

Oh yeah
The ocean's rising
The ocean's rising
The ocean's rising
The ocean's rising
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What About The Boat? Lyrics

Minus The Bear – What About The Boat? Lyrics

Songwriters: Cory Murchy, Jake Snider, Alex Rose, Dave Knudson
What About The Boat? lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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