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Silver Lyrics

Minus The Bear – Silver Lyrics

from album: Voids (2017)
[Verse 1]
The morning winter sun blinds my eyes
Cold while I go find its way
Close, I see red
Shapes in lead
Cool wind keeps my eyelids

You'd steal the coins from my eyes if I was on that river
If I was on that river, you'd leave me no respite
Eyes open and blind, the wave on the tide
And you keeping time, keep floating down the line

[Verse 2]
Eyes, cold truth comes to light
I come home to haunt you now
Nowhere to hide, count the lies
My every stitch you throw down


[Bridge x6]
Bring on all night

[Verse 3]
You talk, oh you're pissed
Lonely ghost sneaks inside
In your thoughts, unties your knots
On the sheets around your bed

I'm haunting you through cold eyes
Haunting you from haunted skies

[Bridge x6]
Bring on all night


[Bridge x6]
Bring on all night
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Songwriters: David Erik Knudson, Cory Micheal Murchy, Alexander David Rose, Jake Henry Snider
Silver lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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