What what?
Where do I start, where do I begin
There's only one closet: I am Him
An Entrepreneur, doing my thing
What I call life, you're calling a sin
Into this session, confessions I bring
I'm one of the livest, minus the bling
Catch me, you can't call me stupid
My car won't start but I flow exclusive, elusive
Some don't get it
Want to talk back but they ain't got credit
Forget it, I found not to care what you think
As long as I tear it down;
I can be younger, older,
A whole lot colder
Hung as a horse,
Trust I'm a soldier
It's not what I say, it's how I put it
It's not what I press, it's how I push it
I'm old school, dull boy mentality
If I can't get it, my friend can't actually
Crashing me better, gradually stacking
Bad habits to give up, we're making it, pack it.
This outfit, Imma keep it clean
I'm not offensive but I get obscene
They should've known not to fuck with me
That's tough shit, now they're stuck with me

You don't know me, no
So don't judge me how can I ever win
If you don't listen
To the words I say
You're just scared cause
I'm something new

You don't know me
I've been with the grind
Kings and coats and killer design
Pirate laws, I'll lift up your hind
It's time consuming, things to find
Find a studio, find a block
Find the keys that get to the top
Secure the rig, tripwire the lock
Get London locked, try not to drop.
Man I've been there, man I've got the rep
Won a few battles but I've lost my breath
Went on mtv and got played to death,
Still I never got a deal, never got a cheque
I took from the rags to the show delivered
Sold on ebay to the highest bidder
Got all the cash back and it all got worse
That's just my day laid out in a verse.
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Something New Lyrics

Mint Royale – Something New Lyrics