Verse 1

Livin as a kid back then I had everything but nothin
(didn't know the difference-did)n'tknow the difference
14 kids 2 bedroom house shared my clothes slept on the couch
(didn't know the difference-really couldn't tell the difference)
Neva knew I was poor neva knew what I had neva thought in my mind that I ahd it so bad I was livin the luxury brown livin the luxury brown. Even thought it was rough I was eatin enough even thought I was cool rockin shoes that were my brother's I was livin the luxury brown... Livin the luxury brown

Verse 2
Mama yo strenth self sacrafise underpaid but still we made it.
(neva knew what you wnet through neva reall knew what you went through)
No regrets my mind is set can't forget hummble begginings(thankful for it all-so thankful for it all)
-this brown experience may be the man that I was meant to be-
-so what you see is what you see can't be nobaody else but me-
And I didn't know(No I didn't know)
What was goin on(What was goin on)
Now I ride the flow(I ride with the flow)
As my wisdom grows(As my wisdom grows)
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Luxury Brown Lyrics

Mint Condition – Luxury Brown Lyrics