Amphetamine a drug with a stimulant effect on the nervous system which can be physically and psychology addictive when overused.. This drug has been much abused recreationally the street term speed refers to stimulant drugs such a amphetamine rush of pleasure similar to orgasm or electric shock reduced appetite increased alertness or euphoria. Restless, dizziness, confusion, depression, paranoia distorted perceptions and views,

Mdma otherwise known as ecstasy, primary effects include euphoria, empathy and the appreciation of the repetitive rhythms of dance music.
Its entail adoption by the dance club sub culture is probably due to the enhancement
And so increase the speed stimulator feel the need.. I'm a machine fueled by music.
Bang n gamma overdrive, hot sticky mouth goes dry. Re-hydrate Re-hydrate Re-hydrate
Musics got me hypnotized.
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Hypnotized (Steve Mac Remix) Lyrics

Ministry Of Sound – Hypnotized (Steve Mac Remix) Lyrics