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In My Humble Opinion Lyrics

Mindgames – In My Humble Opinion Lyrics

There may be some moments, just a fraction out in time,
You had a great experience that made you swear you've
Seen the light.
Carry out your vision to convert all those around,
But there is no conviction that you're always in the

What would you do, with a multiplied you?
Try to persuade yourself with your faith?

Everything you notice 'bout the people that you meet,
Is a reminder of the memories left behind.
Believe just what you see. But then you see what you
The outside world meets the world within your mind.

I point to you from my point of view.
All I will see is a reflection of me.

You may fight for the truth on your side,
And believe only others have lies.
At the end of your dream world crusade
You'll be alone, when the mirror cries.

In the wake of a million beliefs,
We worship all our different suns
When we see we're divided by lights,
We may find out, we are the other ones.

We walk into the paintings we've made.
Then we're quite surprised to meet all we create.
And all within the mirrors we find,
Reflections of projections of our mind.
In all the things we try to convey
We're surrounded by the mirrors every day.
Holding on to our identity,
We hope at last to see infinity.
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