When every word is spoken
About things we've done
And every heart is broken again
When the time is over for me and you
We're starting to play the same old game
I wish it wouldn't be the last train
It just makes me go insane

Who can give the answer
Who can bring the light into the dark
We gonna get closer to the edge
This will be the everlasting dance

Was it really all in vain
Now I'm leaving all this pain

Make up your mind to turn the world around
Use your illusions
Look into the crystal ball and see
Just use your illusions
The future so bright
I can see the light

Years gone by - life goes on
Still the same mistakes by the human race
We try to kill mother nature
Live in fear by an atomic disgrace

Why can't we learn from the past
In this world our children are the last

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Illusions Lyrics

Mind Odyssey – Illusions Lyrics

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