Vibrations, vibrations, vibrations
Crumbling, crumbling, crumbling
Dance with the devil, dance with the devil, dance with the devil

Little boy born into a jungle gym, he bad a real good drive and ambition to
Win, he gave all that he had and all that he could, nobody thought he did
Did, he did a dance with the devil though... With a fire in his eyes and
The path on the road that he walked... A vibration through a stream of a
Thought... Can't stop contemplating the constellations... The feeling
That he's feeling is so amazing... The propoganda the propositions...
Colors at your face all turn orange depending on the angle of the sun when
It hits, reflections of the from the smile of a kid... Now thinking outload
Of a poem that he read about the most beautiful thing in his life,
Magnificent music ignites.
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Delivery Feat Souleye Lyrics

MimosA – Delivery Feat Souleye Lyrics