You're takin me for granted
You're thinkin
I should be enchanted
To be a girl who's happy hangin out with you

Give me something new boy
Not enough to
Be your little boy toy
You wanna feel good,
Better want to make me feel good too

I'm not wrapped around your finger
Don't you think I wouldn't linger
If somebody asked me to
Don't play me like I'm a rerun
Do I have your full attention
Time to do that thing you do
You do you do

I'm thinkin bout a new man
Someone who
Works it more than you can
Lemme tell you
Satisfaction is not a one way street
Can't get away with half time
Wanna a have a couple hours of prime time
Don't tell me
You got more important plans than me


Come on and hold me
Like you got nothin
In the way in the way
Come on an show me
That you can please me
Every day every day

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Not Wrapped Around Your Finger Lyrics

Mimi & Teft – Not Wrapped Around Your Finger Lyrics