Yo Flo,
What's up Mimi
Wanna introduce to this dude
Think I really love this dude
Yeah, Man he's so fine
Straight up dog
Stand about 5"10"
Perfect for a boyfriend
Drives a bmx
Never brashes me for s**
Ying Yang on his chest
Plus he's making checks
So he's got a loft in Soho
Reminds me of Han Solo
Only moves in Slow-mo
Wait a minute
Hold on dog
Do he got a cat?
Is his cat name Bud?
Do he got a birth mark on the left side of his--
Went to uvm
Work for Meals on Wheels
Girl I can't believe this shit
Tell me what's wrong dog
What heck you damning 'bout?
I'm your homegirl so just say what's on your mind
Girl I didn't you were talking 'bout him
So you tellin' me you know him?
Do I know him, like a fat man knows his food

We're messing with the same dude
The same dude
How could the love of my life and my potiential husband
Be the same dude
The same dude
And I can't believe that we been messing with the
Same dude, Same dude
Thought he was someone I could trust
But he's doubling up with us
Girl we been messing the same dude

See I met him at this party up in Brooklyn (hey, hey)
I met him at this picnic in Wisconsin (woah, woah)
He came right up to me, giving me coversation
I said do you got a girl
Said no with no hesitation
Must be a player thing
Cuz he same to me
Had he's body all in my face
When I'm laughin and gettin' beer
He whispered in my ear
Said can I take you home
Me too
Girl he was on the phone singing the same song
Is that true?
My thought it was true confessions
When he said I love you
I thought his body was calling
When he said I want you
Look I even got some pictures on my phone
Look at there, there he is with some girl shorts on


We're messing with the
Same dude, same dude
He's the apple of my eye
And my potential husband
Same dude, same dude
Man, I just can't believe that we've been messin' 'round with the same damn dude
Same dude, Same dude
Thought he was someone I could trust
But he's been doublin' up the both of us
We've been messing with the same dude

He said he got on his desktop
Are you talking about the laptop?
Mmm-mmm The one on his desk
He told that was fucked up
It's obvious that he been playing us, playing us
It's constantly he's been lying to us, lying to us
He thinks that he can get away with it, away with it
Let's tell this punk that we won't take this shit, take this shit
Call him up at his home
He won't know I'm on the phone
I gonna fuckin' kill this man
Damn girl that's the plan
Girl just ask him to meet up with you
And I'm gonna show up too
And he won't know what to do
We'll be beating him saying...


Same dude(same dude), Same dude
He was the apple of my eye
But he's just a total doosh bag
Same dude, same dude
I just still can't believe
We've been messing with the same dude
Same dude, same dude
He's going to be looking so stupid we he sees us together
Girl we've been messing with the same dude

See he was taking trains
Every night and day
And go meet up
At the subway
And I can't believe

Same Dude
Same Dude
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Same Dude Lyrics

Mimi & Flo – Same Dude Lyrics

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