I Be Feeling Like The Man When I Walk Thru
Niggas Be Sticking Out Their Hand When I Walk Thru
Bitches Fighting For The dick When I Walk Thru
Camaras Flashing Taking Pictures When I Walk Thru
(Watch Me)*2 (Now Watch Me Walk Thru) *4
I Be Feelin Like The Man When I Walk Thru

Can't wait to touch a hunnit grand when I walk thru
Throw them bands in the air like I want to
Imma take care the fam like suppose to
And show love to the niggas that came thru
Fuck them other niggas bitches aint shit to
Plus the all on my dick for this money to
Imma dreqam cheaser walking on this money route
I put my niggas on and they all getting money to


I be feeling like the man when I walk thru the red crapet with the suit and rollie on to
Niggas sticking out they hand when I walk thru asking for a check but nigga I don't know you
Bitches fighting for the dick when I walk thru I got this bitch I had since I was 12 on my hip to but back then none of you hoes aint want Moo
Camaras flashing taking pictures when I walk thru cause I'm a philly nigga doing it big like I'm suppose to

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Walk Thru Lyrics

Milly Hitta – Walk Thru Lyrics

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