Do you wanna know why I'm here tonight
Well I'll tell you

Rapping: Everyone knows me as a superstar, but this is how I lived my life before
First I was Destiny Hope but I really smile a lot

So I got the name Smiley then I shortened it to Miley
In 2006 I did Hannah Montana
In 2008 I had my first album
In 2009 Hannah Montana The Movie
In 2010 I did "The Last Song"

Now Here I am in snl
I see Taylor...
Spoken: Hi Taylor
Rapping:... In the audience

If you're wondering why I broke up with Nick Jonas...
Nothing about that, about that now
Cause I'm having a party on Saturday Night
It's a party here in snl

Spoken: Well Taylor Swift is not preforming. I am, but we'll have a great show anyway. So stick around we'll be right back.
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SNL Lyrics

Miley Cyrus – SNL Lyrics