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Violet Lyrics

Miles Davis – Violet Lyrics

His liver damaged in the wreck
The windshield shattered
All for an instant fleeting like cars from the street
Cat tops spin across the highway and horses die in backseats

Don't blink now
I know I can't talk man, but I understand
Any way I look at him my love, you've got to come back soon it's not fair
They choke your neck with a seatbelt that meant to help

Break it apart
Misunderstand me
Flash this evening on the sky screen
Drive to Vegas and get yourself hitched

If I live through my imperfections - two glass decades and you're still angry - I don't want to be your friend anymore
We turned a wheel that raised a wall and made this living world turn red
But I'm not scared
I pulled my arms from the fence where I leapt

Like rain returning (...Violet...) back to the earth from a cloud
Falling down makes you squint as it hits your glasses lens
I set a trap, caught myself

So I surrender
That's what I did
It wasn't there
No, no, n-n-no, it wasn't there

I looked, I looked
I looked everywhere
The girl I lived for Saturdays she watched this brilliant star grow faint
But it's not there - It's not there

I made this light to give to you
No matter what you do
I've been storing up these words to pour like rain like peace upon your perfect head
Illuminate you, stardrenched lover

I surrender
She wore a charm (She wore a charm)
A necklace that you had tied (She tied it)
Before that night I drowned you in a reservoir

And all the world a twirling top - it will be yours to stop
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