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One Song Lyrics

Milan Obrenović IX – One Song Lyrics

New and old stars of country, hear my stuff, yeah I know it's punchy
And I hate to break it to ya but this song is gonna screw ya
I've studied this game and I've raised the bar, worked with all the names, slept with all the stars
This won’t take long, soon you’re gonna see, this is the only song that we’ll ever need, it’s my

One song, this is it, my team says it’s a sure-fire hit
Born in Music City to a forty-man committee
Here’s my one song, you’re welcome, I can’t believe that they signed Blake Shelton
Forget about Hank, he's long gone, now everybody just crank my one song

It never gets old, this phrasing, I'll use it again, it's amazing
A truck load of jeans in my basement, thanks to some genius product placement
I see your George Strait and John Cash, you need more taste, that's some trash
As a matter of fact, same goes for all others, bad legacy act, those Bellamy Brothers


Wait up, back up that truck, jack it up, I ain't high enough

This is the part of the song where we get our states on
Nevada, South Dakota, Colorado, Minnesota
Louisiana, Indiana, I’m at home in Alabama
Mississippi, it’s a pity I can’t visit New Your City
Georgia goes without saying, Maine knows they’re amazing
Oklahoma fans are paying, start the car, I won't be staying
Arizona’s got my message, California’s too progressive
My Texas hood is massive, that’s a good demographic
I remember Tennessee, selling drugs in the lobby
If I wasn’t on tv, I’d be selling my body


Let’s raise a jar to my city sisters, in your hybrid cars with your bearded hipsters
Hey ho, hey hey ho, hey ho, hey hey ho

I love my Bible Belt, they’re sure fans that care, let’s give a shout out to the man upstairs
He’s the great almighty, he’s the man that signed me, yeah, I sold my soul slightly but that’s all behind me
I want a new ride, I’ll be needing a Lexus, wow, I’m on the inside, I’ll stop reading Bob Lefsetz
That Garth box set, it’s a little concerning, well I know, heck, let’s have a record burning

My people want PR, they’re gonna start a foundation, give a job to ma, and avoid taxation
I was there on the night when they wrote this tune, I gotta get a co-write, I was in the room
My truck'll be South down by the water, don’t be creeped out, I swear I love your daughter
When I get her all alone, she's gonna love me, I’m full of testosterone and bro-country

(And if I gotta be frank, it’s so wrong, that this genius gotta end this one song)
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