What's that oh driver?
I'm listening to you
You're telling of your mother
Her funeral was last June
Your mom she died of cancer
Her death brought you back home
Vodka was your only friend
Cause you were all alone

Oh taxi driver
I am here for you
But when the ride is over
There's not much I can do

See you were born in Texas
You had a dream of fame in your head
And so you moved to Nashville
But the music there was dead
So now you drive and you play at the same time
As the drunks they sing along
Is this the most fame that you will ever have?
Or will we ever hear your song?

Oh taxi driver
I was there for you
But now the ride is over
What else can I do?(What else can I do?
Tell me what else can I do?

Oh taxi driver
Drive us to happiness
Drive us to fame
Drive us to love
Drive us all the way
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Taxi Driver Lyrics

Mikey Wax – Taxi Driver Lyrics