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YNK Lyrics

Mike Stud – YNK Lyrics

I had a long day
I need a J like Beyoncé
Only have so many fucks to give, don't give a damn about the foreplay (okay)
And if you ever see me in the spot, I'm leaving a mark
Harry Houdini, they cannot put me in a box
Believe it or not
My mind on the bread like a condiment
I don't play catch up, just hope they catch onto it
Fuck all they compliments
I'm all concerned with accomplishments
I'm all like Popovich, I'm chasing rings like Sonic is
Life's a bitch but I fuck with her
I just might fall in love with her
Dinner for twenty, yeah I got the bill like a Huxtable
Picture this
If I told you how all this would wind up you'd say that's a stretch
I saw the signs and delivered my best
You can't drop the ball, I guess that's the catch
And this ain't a coin toss but I work my tail off so I can turn heads
Don't you forget
I told 'em you never know
I told 'em you never know
(You never, ever know)
I told 'em you never know
I told 'em you never know
You never know
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