Makin money's the goal she sets,
And she expects it to bring her happiness,
But she's always worried,
She feels she's making it barely,
Well stop missing life and travel with me,
I've got a little money put away,
But when the sky is your roof it goes a long way,
A little goes a long way,

She's in a state of constant more,
And the doctor said she's bipolar,
I would be too if I were always caught,
Between my needs and all of my wants,
You want to be free but don't forget it's a need,
Before you know it you'll be in too deep,
Dreams of debt will plague you when you sleep,
Don't lose any sleep,

She said it's just temporary,
Those words will follow her youth as it leaves,
And then it'll be too late,
Responsibility's a bitch as you age,
And we all grow old,
Don't get too lost in finding a home,
When god gave to you your bones,
You are what you own,
You are what you own,
Your heart and your bones
You are what you own,
Your heart and your bones
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Heart And Bones Lyrics

Mike Mineo – Heart And Bones Lyrics