I tried to warn myself
But I wouldn't listen
And I could not hide from her
My intention
I could not stop myself
I knew it was wrong
But some things they just pull you
Into the great unknown

She is like a wild horse nobody'd ridden
Yeah when she came to me
I was ready, she was willing
And I took her out
Straight into the sun
And I took her down to where the wild ones run

Well she trembled when I touched her
And her heart beat so wild
And I watched as she faded
Into a woman from a child
And when she held onto me
I could tell she didn't know
That the heat fades fast
And the heart breaks slow

Repeat Chorus

She can't look at me the same old way
Fills her eyes up with questions
I got answers that I can't say
And every time I tell her, what I already know
Is that you can't come back
From where the wild ones go

Repeat Chorus 2X

I'll always remember where the wild ones run
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Where The Wild Ones Run Lyrics

Mike Mcclure – Where The Wild Ones Run Lyrics