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[untitled] Lyrics

Mike Krol – [untitled] Lyrics

Oh hi Mike it's (???) Bradford from New York City
It's 7:38 P.M and uh,
I just wanted to tell you that
You did a beautiful job putting the apartment
You left your lamp, I took your spices
I miss you and your message on the machine is very tense
And I want you to relax and take a deep breath
It's gonna be hard in the beginning, you're gonna be fine
You're gonna be better than fine
But what I need from you is your address
I have your... I was calling your security checker and I didn't see you
Uh, yesterday and you were gone
And uh, of course you were gone
So uh, If I'm not home leave your address on my machine
And I will mail it out to you
Don't worry about romance it's a waste of time to begin with
Just take care of yourself, Take a course in uh
You know automobiles and all that
You wanna go fix a car? Go fix it.
Uh, I'll be talking to you
Thank you, goodbye
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