Verse 1:

It really don't matter you can hate it you can love it
See you talkin' bout your game and I'm sorry I'm above it
I'm way beyond reach, homie you gon' need a ladder
That is 20 thousand feet, I got different kind of swagger
All about spittin, put my city on the map
Currently you bout to see my city sittin on my back
Head up in the sky, I ain't reachin for the stars
I'ma have both feet, standing right on top of mars
I be ballin so hard, I need my own jersey
I ain't slowin down till I'm 30 + 30
And homie on the back you gotta gimme number Zero
That's my competition, None, I'm a Hero
Gettin kinda cocky, you can take my beats
Give your boy a couple pillows I could do this in my sleep
I could do this acapella, I don't need no drums
All I do is make hits, call this a home-run!


Verse 2:

I'm tryin to make it happen, but these sucka's gettin' crazy
You ain't got no joystick, why you tryin' to play me?
Flip the coin, I'm the head of my click
And I can see you on my tail, I'm ahead of ya'll still
Catch me if you can, I'm the ginger bread man
Bout to make sweet money, call it ginger-bread, man!
Hatin' on me 'cause you're boy's from canada
But I can wild out the same way nick cannon does
Yup, I do it big like pamela,
Click-click-click, yeah gon' get your cameras
Gon get a reason why you think that I'ma stop it
Like Usain up on the track you know that stoppin's not an option
Deuce to you haters, 2 fingers in your face
That's peace, I'm gone, as for you it's too late
I know suckas gettin' hungry and these haters wanna eat
So I dropped another track like, (ding), bon-a-petite
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Problem Goin' Back Lyrics

Mike Kleff – Problem Goin' Back Lyrics