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Frog And Banjo Lyrics

Mike Doughty – Frog And Banjo Lyrics

There are many sad things,
Like a child drowning in a vat of molasses,
(How would a child end up in a vat of molasses?...)
Or if you were to lose the phone number of someone you find intriguing,
(I'm sure it's in the laundry...)
Or a phone that keeps ringing and ringing and ringing and no one will
Sad like a zero on the led display of your answering machine,
(Saaad... That's a very melancholy numeral.)
Sad like a photograph of your grandfather at the age of twenty-seven,
But I believe, and I believe strongly,
(He's trying to make a point here...)
There is nothing sadder than
A frog plucking a banjo.
That's about as sad as you can be,
A frog plucking a banjo.
Let us contemplate the sadness,
Of a banjo playing frog,
Let us examine the sadness,
It's extremely sad,
(When the banjo is plucked by the frog...)
Frog playing a banjo.
(Frog plucking a banjo...)
Is the frog aware that he is sad?
(I believe that he is aware...)
Well, I'm not so sure you're correct about that.
(Why is that?)
I really--don't--think a frog that plays a banjo is quite so self-aware.
(I beliiieeevvee...)
Is there anything quite so sad?
(A froooggg playing a banjo...)
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