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Story I Tell Lyrics

Migos – Story I Tell Lyrics

[Hook - Quavo]
Dope on the scale, man you never seen it
Hundred band juug, no you never hit it
You never been on the road to riches
This the story I tell so you pay attention
Cold turkey, yeah we had to eat it
So I take that pot and fucking beat it
You never been on the road to riches
Take your pen and your pad cause you gonna need it
Trap money, me and my dogs spend it
Your bitch, me and my dogs hit it
Drop the head on the Bentley then fall in it
When we dropped Versace, then y'all did it
They hate that we came from the Northside
Then lived in the city, got mob ties
They hate that we came in with plenty juice
Young nigga [?] first day of school

[Verse 1 - Quavo]
Remember the days with the pocket rockets
Turned the bando to a fucking hot pocket
It's a million dollars in the corner pocket
I just share the rock like I'm John Stockton
African diamonds, Olajuwon, Houston Rockets
My niggas [?], then go up out it
Ain't no need to talk about it
Megaton trucks, it don't weigh enough
Had to take out the plug, he was switching up
You mad cause your label do finger fucks
Qc the label got mega bucks
Gas off in the back of the spinner bus
Say that you trapping, really you got [?]
This is the life of the Hefty bags
You know that them ounces don't weigh enough


[Verse 2 - Takeoff]
I came a long way from dropping [?]
Finessing the plug for his riches
Wake up in the morning, I go grab the spatula
Walk in the kitchen and whip me a chicken
Her wrist is a Masi, my neck is a Bentley
Blue Benjamins that can pay your tuition
Lupe said that Activis been discontinued
Double cup, a nigga still be sipping
Got a plug out in Mississippi
Wrap it up, ship it to Finley
I trap out the bando, don't trap out the trap house
And whatever you with, we with it
Came a long way from that midget
Money taller than a midget
I keep the mac like a [?]
Mama we made us a milli, we did it
Fuck the negativity, fuck the critics


[Verse 3 - Offset]
They hate that that money start coming
And I be too fresh, I call it double mints
I was on the block, you was on punishment
Giuseppe stepping, and my diamonds they compliments
Qc my label, and that's my establishment
Supercharge my Bentley, I call it Clark Kent
Me and my niggas spread the butter, margarine
Foreign [?], got Raris, I cut off the engines
Now park it
You can catch a bullet in your carcass
100 band juug, and you wasn't a part
I took the plug off and we had a departure
You telling a story bout me, I'm the author
These bitches be choosing, they digging my posture
Whipping babies, I'm not talking bout toddlers
[?] on these baby ballers
Little babies get [?], they call me stepfather

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Songwriters: Kiari Cephus, Kirshnik Ball, Quavious Marshall

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