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Shawn Kemp Lyrics

Migos – Shawn Kemp Lyrics

[Hook: Quavo]
Man this work I gotta flip (flippy)

Take the pot slam dunk (skkrr) Shawn Kemp (scrapy)
Ridin' in a foreign whip and I'm vacuum sealed (skkrr)
Stop knockin' at my door we don't sell drugs here (no way)
Please stop callin' my phone I don't sell drugs here (no way) (2x)

[Verse 1 : Chill Will]
Call me Gary Payton, Quavo Shawn Kemp (Green Team)
Nigga we some lobsters you some Detlef Schrempf (shrimp nigga)
Somebody call Takeoff (Takeoff)
We got some bitches bout to pull up at the lake house (at the lake house) YEAH!
I don' lost my damn mind, I been countin' money up
I don' lost the damn time (what time it is?)
Bitch, keep callin' my phone tying up my line
Nigga tryna buy some zones (He tryna shop)
Swish, Swish I just scored a bucket
I'm havin' money in the club doing the dougie (dougie dance, dougie dance)
Ima pimp, with no limp (PIMP)
I push ya cap back (no flip flop)

[Hook: Quavo]

[Verse 2 : Takeoff]
Ay, Chilly, who the fuck that is? (Chilly) Who that is in that ford Taurus? (BOW)
These niggas they thinkin' bout runnin' in my trap while im in the kitchen with Kimora? (whip)
The Ounces the cuties the quarters (YA)
Playin with water , while fuckin' yo daughter
The way that she suck make me beat the pot harder
I call the work Moses, it walk cross the water
Im sellin them gators in Florida
And I got them Falcons they comin' from Georgia (GAS)
All of my niggas immortal
Yo bitch do tricks my niggas record her (BITCH)
I got the bags of the cookies
The bags of the midget the pints of the oil (LEAN)
Wrappin' it up like aluminum foil, My money tall like a Sequoia
Niggas be askin' me questions (niggas)
I be like come place your order (Stop it)
Niggas be like how do you keep fishes alive wit no water? (BRRRPP)
I fuck that bitch once and you spoil her (smash)
Please stop callin' my phone
Knockin' at my door, asking for a bowl
Whippin and flippin' while pourin' a 4 (LEAN)

[Hook: Quavo]

[Verse 3 : Quavo]
Flippin' the work just like Dominic Dash
I'm cappin' like Damian Dash (flip it)
YOOOM the Lambo go fast (SHOOOM)
Money and lingerie and cash (MONEY)
Young Quavo trappin' them bags (QUAVO)
Quavo (GLOOWL) That's a toe-tag (GLOOWL)
Hakuna matata the streets is a jungle
I'm stacking them hunneds, I trap out the bando (BANDO)
Young Quavo, Yes I am Commando (MANDO)
Finessin' these niggas
I'm playing these streets like the game of UNO! (UNO)
I'm focus on nothin' but peso! (PESO)
Whippin' up bricks, and I stash'em in cars
They callin' me Young Quavo Maaco (MAACO)
I'm chasing the bread and I'm chasing the crumb
Now please leggo of me eggo (EGGO)
Young nigga I'm holdin' me huevos (HUEVOS)
Drankin' on lean just like maple (LEAN)
Yo Bitch she lookin' at hundreds of bands on the table
I watch her like cable (YO BITCH)
I stash the huuneds of bands at my mama house
Full up you and yo spouse
I know you a rat, you a mouse (RAT)
Yo nigga be trappin' a OUNCE!(YOUNG NIGGA)

[Hook: Quavo]
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