Do things on shoestrings to make the ends meet
Cut costs and corners in order to eat
Low income housing they couldn't afford
Bills and collectors that they just ignored

(While) the pressures were mounting, the tensions would rise
She had been counting on some of the lies
That he had been telling her being the truth
The fighting and yelling
The magic of youth
The magic of youth

He hit the pipe, she hit the pole
Stereotypes that were out of control
Addictions, evictions, mistakes being made
Health's going south, looks were starting to fade

He'd give his right arm if his left one could get
(A) spike in the vein, and a loose cigarette
They both lost their dignity, him every tooth
Classic and tragic
The magic of youth
The magic of youth

The years flew by quickly that's how they fly by
Older and sickly and waiting to die
(But) they stay close together to tell you the truth
Yelling and fighting
Classic and tragic
It's all so exciting
The magic of youth x 4
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The Magic Of Youth Lyrics

Mighty Mighty Bosstones – The Magic Of Youth Lyrics