The people I used to know, have moved away and grown.
Grown so far away, life changes everyday.
My childhood is gone, now it's time to move on.
Memories of when I was young, my life had just begun.


Lead Vocal: I cannot go on like this.
Backing Vocal: And I'll move on, And I'll move on it's getting harder

Everyday, every night and day.
I'll find a way to make you mine.
And when I say that I love you.
You better believe it's true. I said you better believe it's true.

[Verse 2:]

As winter turns to spring, the birds they start to sing.
New life is formed, a whole new year is born.
As we remember those who've moved on, it seems it's been so long.
We'll be united some day, so very far away.



(Guitar Solo)

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Resolution Song Lyrics

Midnight Escape Artists – Resolution Song Lyrics