[Midget Verse 1]
I spit the truth, and nothin' but the truth
Break out the cage, now I'm on the loose
I stay true, from my hat to my shoes
I'm just a normal guy, I aint 'bout to die
I'm like a G-six, I'm about to fly
Solemnly swear, put your right hand in the sky
The truth a the matter is I'm at it
I spit crack, I'm a hip hop addict
Fly, impossible for me to wonder into traffic
I'm a bad boy gone badder, lactic acid
I'm just your average bad kid... Practice
I'm wit' my dawgs like Shaggy
Weezy F. Baby
I go Weezy F. Crazy
I spit babies
Not a jillaroo, kangaroo
Your flow old like the Saber tooth
I can take it any place you wanna take it to
Not a Kangaroo, jillaroo
She say state the facts
B—ch I spit the truth
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Spit The Truth Lyrics

Midget – Spit The Truth Lyrics