The waters are warm - The air is cold
Spirit ever young; only body growing old
In sleep I walk; a shadow at night
Dreams are not cloudy; I at last have sight.
No sky above. No earth below.
So I walk this realm - it's wonders I must know.
The rain falls hard. The ice freezes slow.
The surrounding storm leaves no place to go.
By night mare fly o'er reality's wake.
By shadows of Mordar, I tremble and shake.
Unrest stirs the farthest places.
My body sleeps but my mind races.
All I see I must not tell
For this is my journey and where I dwell.
I soar above and walk below.
I gather fascination and away it must stow.
This is my tale, mine to control
For I must not tell a living soul.
.. And now I sink to the depths of the Ocean
Where at last I must rest...
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Sleepwalk Lyrics

Middle Earth – Sleepwalk Lyrics