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Carry Lyrics

Microwave – Carry Lyrics

Riding the break of the death wave
Cold wind in the sails
Caught up in the foreplay
Never playing it out
You can’t disappear so you bury your head in the ground
But they’ll all sit back when you go to climb out of that hole ; when your heart gets cold
Our eyes will roll til they get stuck facing backwards in our heads with a victim’s boundless virtuosity
You’ve gotta own your flaws to loose their jaws
I’m just driving in that wedge
Cause i don’t get caught with my pants around my feet
So don’t do me any favors
I can take care of me
No, i don’t owe anyone anything
Things are built to be broken
Thrown and piled away
The end will justify the means
Born with two wrong feet
It’s what you let it be
Do you murder me in your lucid dreams?
Oh god, I hope you do
And you’ll plan it out in real life someday soon
I found my niche in this pile of shit
I’ve got nothing left to prove
But there’s nothing else that i really want to do
So this is what i do
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