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Mirage [Outro] Lyrics

Mick Jenkins – Mirage [Outro] Lyrics

[Intro: Mick Jenkins]
Free your mind
Wake up! (x4)

[Verse 1: Mick Jenkins]
You'll never know how hard it is to make it look easy
And I ain't stuntin', no, I just don't wanna look needy
Cause these days documentaries and books feed me
But paper's light so I guess that's why I look greedy
That's why the Free in here developin' a plan
Cause Rhonda Cross and Shonda only helpin' when they can
You see, now-a-days everybody need a helpin' hand
And the air wave on side to side, homie tell a friend
Tell a fan
Maybe they'll throw a hunnit for the show
I mean these niggas out here throwin' hunnits at these hoes
I used to have a homie throwin' hunnits for the blow
Tell me he could smell the rose blood runnin' from his nose, but he can't
And he won't
So we push him harder
Fort of doom in a room full of kush and authors
Gotta broom for the bullshit they leave behind
But that's the flow and it's the reason we don't push for doctors
We are, self medicated, levitating through my whole day
Here a beat and rip a beat, nigga that's the old way
I'm trynna float a message in a bottle
Full throttle
To the back of your cerebral
We gone heal the people

[Chorus: Mick Jenkins]
Wake up (x6)

[Verse 2: DJ Mustard]
Sleepin' every day and night (x3)
But i bet you think your eyes wide open
Sleepless fools can't stay at fight
Y'all ain't goin' no where
Y'all ain't doin' nothing
Y'all niggas ain't got no back bone
Y'all niggas just frontin'
Turn around
And you happy
Turn around
You happy
Turn around
All those fly
Turn around
But you happy

[Outro: Mick Jenkins]

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