There are lovers that you take
And compromises that you make
When you know you're better off goin' without
But it's hotter than the sun
And you tell yourself that he's the only one
'Til suddenly you feel the flame burnin' out
Well I been goin' round and round that wheel
Just lookin' for a love that's real
Could you be the true light
The one right
In a sea of so many wrongs
Could you be the sure thing
The heart strings
That will play a whole life long
I know there's someone who's right for me
Baby could you be
There's a moment, and I'm told
That it's something to behold
When love is gonna part the waves of all of your fear
And it's gentle, and it's good
And you want it, and you should
Baby you're makin' me believe my time is here
'Cause I've been on this rollercoaster ride
And I 've never felt so satisfied
Will the lips that send this chill down my spine
Be forever mine
And baby will your sweet and gentle arms
Forever keep me warm
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Could You Be Lyrics

Michelle Wright – Could You Be Lyrics

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