Michelle Shocked
(Poly Gram Songs, Inc)
What's to be done with a prodigal son?
Welcome him home with open arms
Throw a big party, invite your friends
Our boy's come back home
When a girl goes home with the oats he's sown
It's draw your shades and your shutters
She's bringing such shame to the family name
The return of the prodigal daughter
Singing, Oh Cotton-eyed Joe
Went to see the doctor and I almost died
When he told my mama, Lordy how she cried
Me and my daddy were never too close
But he was there when I needed him most
Look here comes a prodigal son
Fetch him a tall drink of water
But there's none in the cup because he drank it all up
Left for the prodigal daughter
Singing, Oh Cotton-eyed Joe
Had not've been for the Cotton-eyed Joe
I'd have been married a long time ago
Out in the cornfield I stubbed my toe
I called out for the doctor Cotton-eyed Joe
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Prodigal Daughter Lyrics

Michelle Shocked – Prodigal Daughter Lyrics

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