Live for today

Most every night
I have A dream about you
But come the light
I'Ve done all I can do

The harder that I seem to try
Time goes faster moving by
I can hear my mother say
Life is short live for today

I'M playing music
Trying to stay A float
I spend my time
Fixing holes in this boat

Put these ducks in A row
Knock em down here we go
I can hear my father say
Life is short live for today

Can'T forget about tomorrow
Can'T relive the past
I just wonder if the future
Will even last

Bury me
High up on the hill
Where the breezes
Turn the mighty windmills

After all it'S hard to know
When it'S time for you to go
I can hear the people say
Life is short live for today
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Live For Today Lyrics

Michael Reich – Live For Today Lyrics