My state of mind, my state of heart
You are the reason, you play the greatest part
When you're around me
Oh baby when you're gone it's still the same

I told myself never again
No sleepless nights and days of endless pain
I saw it coming and so I tried to hide my heart away

Just when I thought my heart was safe
You make me fall in love all over again
No matter how I run, I just keep on falling in love all over again

What is this thing you do to me
Why can't I break away, why can't I just be free
I guess that love is why I can't walk away from you

To you I guess my love belongs
Do with it what you want to
Baby right or wrong
I understand there is no getting over you


I'm not gonna fight baby, I give in
Give in to you now
It's gonna be right because
As much as I tried, girl I can't let you go
No I can't let you go
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Love All Over Again Lyrics

Michael Fredo – Love All Over Again Lyrics

Songwriters: SKINNER RENN
Love All Over Again lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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