They gotta war for oil, A war for gold
A war for money and A war for souls A war on terror, A war on drugs
A war on kindness, A war on hugs
A war on birds and A war on bees thy gotta war on hippies tryin'a save the trees
A war with jets and A war with missiles
A wr with high-Seated, government officials

Wall street war, on high finace
A war on people who just love to dance A war on music, A war on music A war on speech
A war on teachers and things they teach
A war for the last 500 years
War's just messin' up the atmospere
A war on muslims, A war on jews A war on christians and hindus A whle lotta people sayin' kill them all
They gotta war on mumia abu jamal
The war on pot, is A war that's failed
A war that's fillin' up the nation's jails
World war 1, 2, 3, and 4
Chemical weapons, biological war
Bush war 1 and bush war 2
They gotta war for me they gotta war for you!!!

We can't stop it when the beat just drops!!!
And we don't stop
Wecn't stop it with the rebel rock!!!
And we don't stop
We can't stop until we hit those heights!!!
And we don't stop
We can't stop because we love this life!!!

Dance to the new day
Sing to the new day, rhyme to the new day
Transform hell into heaven god lives through, grab hold of today
Yesterday is over, tomorrow may be too late
Everything is one but the one is off balance
Music made for the dollar like soul and talent really ain't
Really ain't it all about A feeling you was havin'
As A child runnin' wild before the mind prgrammin' set in
Threatenin' your establishment get in this energy, lay back and sit
The next men wreckin', to the master's lips head spin grethren, get to askin' if
Where, when, mr. President, "WHAT DO YOU KNOW?" it's evident settin' in slow, "HOW DOES IT GO?" an unprecedent event is about to unforld
The devil can't stop, won't stop blockin'the globe
Fall in A cell here
Freedom come knock at the door
They try lockin'it though, but we about to explode
We got the firefly, tiger eye apocalypse flow
So deep in the bottom of your bottomless soul
Send mind darts flyn' out, whiout A pistol
Redesign lost minds got outta the cold
Bring order to A world that is outta control
"TRUTH" you say, I say "HOW DO U KNOW?"


I wanna rock with punks because I love punk rock
I wanna rock with heads because I love hip hop
I wanna rock my beats all around the block
If I was in baghdad then I would rock iraq
I wanna rock with punks because I love punk rock
I wanna rock with heads because I love hip hop
I wanna rock my beats all around the block
There is just one love so the planet we rock

New world days and new world nights
New world wrongs and new world rights
Putting new world funds in the new world banks
With the new world guns on the new world tanks
New world devils and new world gods
New world jails see the new world's hard
New names sing new world songs
New world planes are the new world bombs new world's flyin, the new world's dying
The new crying and the new world's trying
New world sons and new world daughters
Thy're already selling us new world water
New world beats for the new world to bang new world streets for the new world to hang the new world president, new world drugs
New world resident, new world thugs
New world players for the new world sports
New world trials for new world courts new world lawyers and new world laws
New world prisons and and new world bars
New world figth the new world's fists
The new world lighting up the new world spliffs
New world smoke in the new world lungs
New world's choking, the new world's done

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We Don't Stop Lyrics

Michael Franti – We Don't Stop Lyrics

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