Verse 1
Don't care if the nothwinds blowing, cold outside
Don't mind if the rest of the world just drifts, right on by.{Right on By}
Let that ole hootowl holler, over in the cottonwood tree,
Cause baby all that matters, is you and me
As long as I'm already here I'll just keep you company,

And I'm Just, { Laid Back, thinkin bout you and me, ]
{Laid back, thinkin bout you and me.}
[Verse 2:]...
Used to think that the day wasn't long enough, to get things done,
Lost a lot of good times, I was always on the run.
Lately I've been thinkin, I need a hideaway,
You're about the only thing on my mind these days.
The best things in life, are things you never see,
And I'm just
{ Laid Back, thinkin bout you and me.}
{ Laid Back, thinkin bout you and me}
Verse 3
Saw a big ole bluejay flyin south for the wintertime.
Make me wanna catch the next train, for the Mason Dixon line.
Standing in the doorway, looking down the road,
But you don't have to worry, cause I won't go.
You're the only woman, ever made me feel free,
And I'm just
{Laid Back, thinking bout you and me.}
{Laid Back, thinkin bout you and me
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Laid Back Lyrics

Michael Allman – Laid Back Lyrics

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