Track title: Suitcase Money
Verse 1...
There is a prove that am the hardest
Everybody want to laim to be the baddest
I'm husstling and struggling to be the richest
Every I go anywhere iam I want the best
You are right when you said we should work together
We can only move forward when we support each other
Seems to me like there is a new world order
That's is the way we can be sharing the pounds and the dollar
In a position like Nas all I need is one mic
Listen to what I spit when I grab the mic
I'm that nigga with the studio flow
Got enough rhymes like an explosive ready to blow
These days am going all out for that dough
I understand English and I want to learn french and spanish
I will ignore it when you are saying rubbish
I got goons that can get you punish

Hook... Yeah yeah yeah, you know I got the money
You know I have the money
I give money and spend money
I want that suitcase money
I need that suitcase money
Verse 2....
I'm arranging the rap music like a book see the next chapter,
You can be reading verse after verse, chapter after chapter
When talking about money lets talk oil money
We can discuss about banks money
I'm a rapper and I get paid from rap money,
I get grants from basketball, football and boxing money
I know the money will add value to my life
No matter what it will keep me alive
I'm surrounded by money and I have to be getting it,
Everyone knows I went through a lot before I make it
Some people will do things to make you sad
It makes me feel they are retard
I will not lose everything I had
If am getting the things I want I will be glad
Getting money regularly without catching a case
I can put it in my bag or suitcase
The weed and the drinks make me chill in different base
I roll with criminals and the people that aint
I can't be behaving like am a saint
Watch me while I kill the beat
I will authenticate it to become a hit
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Suitcase Money Lyrics

Micari Ice – Suitcase Money Lyrics

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