No Compromise

You're gonna live life surrendered or you're not
You gotta make a choice who you serve are you cold or hot
You Don't have no witness living any kind of way
You can't loose your witness living anyway

You need to choose right now while you still got the light of day
Make up your mind if you're gonna run or stand

You can't compromise trying to fit in
You can't compromise your beliefs and
You can't compromise don't you give in
To the systems of this world

What happened to our convictions of sin
Now the world don't know if you're out or if you're in
You don't shine as a light to the world
Your salt has lost it's savor it went stale
Make up your mid if you?re gonna run ot stand

Can?t be no compromise, can?t be no compromise
Can?t be no compromise
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No Compromise Lyrics

Micah Stampley – No Compromise Lyrics

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