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Genesis Intro Lyrics

MG – Genesis Intro Lyrics

Gbaga commot here bros
I don come to take the throne,
I no say i bad die
I be beast i be throll,
I dey fast
Rappers dey slow bros like who dey stroll,
I nor mean your girlfriend yash
When i say me i go blow,
Brush those rappers for the
I no need toothpaste,
Am heading to the top bro
Infact me i dey in haste,
Forget dustbin
Na those rappers i still dey
When i say me i dey rap
I no dey talk S,K
The kind of flows make i dey
Dey brutalize like M.K

Enter booth
Spit anyhow like say the
Place dey smell,
Keep your test to yourself
I no say i no well
Uh yeah na me be the pussy bros
Rappers na mensuration,
7days dem fade away
Dem dey hungry for my flow
Isn’t that starvation,
Me na fire when i come
Dey burn dowm filling station
Me na parle for the game
Lyrically my hair dey white,
You can tell that am a star
All these rappers be like sprite,
Wetin you de talk here
Get the fuck outta my sight,
A.K dey my
Make me i
Dey light,
It’z abouth
To get dawn
12:00 clock
In the night,
My flows be
Like dread
Ya’all niggas
Know its
Fly anyhow
Nor be say i
Even board
Omo my
Flow carry
Pass who
Dey gym
Bring me
Down UFUKI better dey dream,
I dey murder beat pass josh
Make create am,
My song be lik form bros
Bettr dey fill (FEEL) am
Aa omo Afile
Your boy M to the Gee
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