So long, goodbye, I'll stay tonight
Cause tomorrow I'm gonna leave for a new
Life away from you and me
I'm gonna make a brand new everything
And with these lips give one last kiss
Every time I tried was hit or miss

Back to the start and the story you know
Cause the truth of it is
It wasn't too long ago
You made me feel like nothing at all
I've never felt so fucking small

Every time time time with you was a time I tried
But you always did your best to
Lie lie lie and cheat and steal
I never felt so low.
Oh how often you said
Things would change they never did
Now I'm breaking my back just to forget you

As it turned out nothing ever changed
Hard as you tried still everything stayed the same
As it was since the night we met
Days, weeks, months, left nothing but the taste of regret

We're taking over
Control we thought we'd lost
We're taking over
We'll never forget what it cost
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Denial Ain't Just A River In Egypt Lyrics

MexicoFALLZ – Denial Ain't Just A River In Egypt Lyrics