[Intro: Metta World Peace]
Yeah, Be right here
We aint going nowhere
We at the point of no return
When I'm going and I'm going
When I'm going and I'm going
Point of no return when I'm going and I'm going
Point of no return when I'm going and I'm going
I’m never turnin’ back
No I’m never turnin’ back
Oh no, lets get high

[Verse 1: Metta World Peace]
Been a long time pain in my book of rhymes
I can see cocaine in every line
I can see the streets in my right mind
I can see police on my left side
I can feel the heat in my right palm
I did a quote from the book of songs
Pops left so I'm with my moms
I’m on 12th street with the mob
East smoke to the heat coast
Thugs on the corner teenagers know where to go
On the block like zombies
On the block like I be
In the zone in the corner shootin’ three’s
Playin’ ball this aint know how I be
I gotta make it out of red brick lobbys
Before a motherfucker come and try and pop me
(I been dancing right there)
Hold me on the block with his fitted low
(I think that's him right there)
You hear them shots you better get low
(I think I ……)
Shots went right through his fitted though
(I think I......)
Whole damn click at the funeral (damn)
This is just one day in the hood
Can't be my man on the front cover
I don't wanna see that in the hood
Now I gotta ball like no one other
I don't really wanna be like him
He could’ve been my little brother
I don't really wanna be like him
Cause the homie is six feet under

[Hook x4]
Point of no return when I'm going and I'm going
Point of no retrun when I'm going and I'm going

[Verse 2: Tech N9ne]
I remember when they hit me with a gang bang
Read eveything
All my little homies on same thing
When I was younger nigga love to let the flame hang
Now we in business I put it away to rock a strange chain
Had to get it up in the changed games
In the hood, it got really hard to maintain
Little homies catching bullets to the brain man
Every other week at a funeral a name slain
Picked up my pen, let this begin
Because I was about to put my tek to your chin
If you was a worker at some... Me and my friends
Was about to commit an unreversable sin
Penitentiary wont see me though
In the vicinity of the Beegees go
Struggling infinity never freely grow
Rappin cypher on a tv show
Check elevator, coming from nothing to something never celebrated
I be thinking what the hell I made it
Get the play then I delegate it
Cause I'm a boss and all the phony niggas hella hated
But I got to keeo it going keep it pushin’
Now when you see me I be kickin’ it on a good one
No one gave me nothing on the block when I stood one
No job havin’ drug par... And dirty hoodlum
Where I go now everybody know me
Superstardom say goodbye to low key
One hunndred percent of em makin’ slavin
Makin em... Savin… where the doough be
I got the trophy never move slowly
At the point of no return I'm living cozy
And all I'm keepin from my homies is a tek and Nina went to reach back and sign this og

[Hook x4]

[Outro x2: Metta World Peace]
If I'm in all the time, I gotta pick up my speed
If you can't keep up with me you lose
I can't turn back, I'm never turnin back
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Point Of No Return Lyrics

Metta World Peace – Point Of No Return Lyrics

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