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Black Black Nite Lyrics

Meteors – Black Black Nite Lyrics

On a moonless Night I took a look at the road
Rolled the dice and said of we go
Grabbed my stuff and the rest of the crew
Where the fuck were going well none of us knew
It just looks right and we can't fight it
Well be alright boys coz it's a
Black Black Night

So I kicked up my cycle and it barked like a dog
Spitting flames from the pipes like lightning in the fog
Shouting at my baby to hold on tight
She's got her claws in my belt so she'll be alright
The whole tribes running now should be some fun somehow
What ever's coming now fuck it
It's a Black Black Night

We live for reasons most don't understand
We're on a dark road and it's out of our hands

Hey fuck the world boys love or hate at least they know
Our names
We'll burn in Hell boys ain't that the point of the game

Here we come folks hell on wheels
You better lock your doors when you hear the tyres squeal
And if your luck holds out we'll burn on through we own
The road now chaos on the go now it's all we know now
And it's a Black Black Night
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