I want to assure you of the warmest and most cordial welcome.
It will be an adventure that will open new sights in... familiar surroundings.
If you touch it it'll fall to pieces (yup).
And when they do you'd better have something in your pocket there.

Now fine objects uh, uh, attract light and dark objects repel it (oh yeah).
You are about to witness the very exciting story of a city... and it's people.
Just learn how to be the same effect here even.
Breaking, coming up, turning over.

If ya keep goin' all your life, you'll live a long time.
Also features a breathtaking view of the city and rivers.
Driving into a very difficult position.

It was a rather risky thing to do, but we felt uh, that we were taking no unreasonable chances. After all you take a reasonable chance when you're crossing a city street with the light, not against it [ends with laugh and some garbled words].

Yes, Detroit is enjoying it's finest hour.
As a result of your deliberations in Bauden Garden...
And most of our children are strong and grow up to live long.
Despite distance and seasons...
Help yourself to a miracle.
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Kings Die Like Other Men Lyrics

Metavari – Kings Die Like Other Men Lyrics

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